Reasons to visit Cambodia now!

Beautifully diverse

Naturally, one can’t visit Cambodia without paying respects to Angkor Wat and its surrounding temples and ruins. Thousands of years old, Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and Angkor, the temple complex, was named UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992. Preserved in time while being devoured by the jungle, these ruins are awash in an air of mystery and spirituality and still revered by the people today.

While the Angkor ruins speak to Cambodia’s illustrious past, its present and future are just as enticing, particularly with new luxury experiences and destinations opening up. From flying by helicopter to the former Khmer capital of Koh Ker, to zipping past 12th century temples in a vintage sidecar motorbike, there are so much this fascinating country has to offer.


Natural beauty

While some of the country is dry, other parts boast the lush jungles, well-preserved national parks, teeming wildlife and tumbling waterfalls travellers have come to expect from tropical Southeast Asia.


Untouched islands

Cambodia’s paradisiacal islands have all the appeal but none of the crowds you’ll find in neighbouring countries.


The people!

The Thai smile may have gained international fame, but the Cambodian people are just as charming and gladly welcome guests with genuine hospitality.


Local life

Besides the growing cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, the rest of the country is still very undeveloped offering an authentic look into both Cambodia’s past and current way of life.


Excellent value for money

Restaurants and nightlife offer great value for money…even more so if you dare to Go Local.