meditate with monks in Vientiane

Many travel to Laos in search of serenity and peace, finding the quiet country a refuge among the rapidly developing neighbours of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. However, to find true peace, it is not just the place that plays a part. Most importantly, one must look inside themselves to find inner peace and awareness. This journey of zen takes guests on a path toward self discovery by visiting a local temple, meeting with a monk who teaches the art of meditation and practicing meditation themselves.


Immersed in the tranquillity of the temple and surrounded by novices, learn various techniques in the hour-long session. Afterward, head over to a sauna house to enjoy a traditional sauna session infused with Lao herbs and flowers that create a distinct aroma that is said to heal the body. Ponder over life issues and enter the sauna as much as you desire before ending the session with a traditional 1-hour Lao massage.


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