go local with the kyun thiri island village tour in bagan

Discover village life on a small and rarely visited island near the Lawkananda Jetty in Bagan.


The tour begins with a 5-minute boat ride across the Ayeyarwaddy River to the banks of the East Kyun Thiri Island. Once you’ve arrived at the island, take an ox-cart ride to the farming village and explore the locals’ gardens growing tomatoes, chillies, mustard, cauliflower and other seasonal vegetables.


You’ll notice that the buildings are raised on stilts in a very distinct style. This is because the village experiences seasonal flooding and the stilts protect the homes from the churning waters below. One of the most important buildings on the island is the ancient wooden monastery. Chat with the head monk who is the third head monk in 120 years since the monastery was built. After learning about the daily lives of this unique island village, enjoy a home-cooked picnic lunch with a Burmese family at their village house and then cross the river and return to Bagan.


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