explore the best of borneo in the 9-day amazing sarawak overland experience from kuching to miri

Nature and adventure lovers go wild for this adventure that takes intrepid travellers through both Borneo’s main highlights and hidden treasures. Starting from Kuching and ending in Miri, the 9-day experience includes stops in such destinations as:

  • Bako National Park – Known for its various types of forest vegetation, ranging from mangrove forests to mixed dipterocarp forests and heath forests. Watch out for the proboscis monkeys that can only be found on the island of Borneo! Lucky travellers might also spot wild boars, silvered leaf monkeys, macaques and monitor lizards.
  • Semenggoh Nature Reserve – Including the chance to spot semi-wild orangutans during feeding times.
  • Batang Ai Lake – A scenic and fascinating visit to the former headhunters of Borneo! The journey to the longhouse involves a ride on a traditional Iban longboat.
  • Sibu – Known for its Night Market and Esplanade alongside Malaysia’s longest river, the mighty Rajang.
  • Sungai Kut – By boat journey which takes passengers along the meandering river, passing Malay villages, timber and sago processing factories, Iban longhouses and Melanau villages.
  • Sungai Kut Melanau Village – To catch a glimpse of the peaceful, undemanding and serene village life of the gentle Melanau tribe.
  • Lamin Dana – An authentic Melanau Village.
  • Tellian River & Misan River – Via a boat cruise along the dark, mysterious, brackish waters to visit a local sago processing centre and a cottage industry that produces sago pearls in the traditional way.
  • Mukah Market – Where one can witness locals trading and carrying on with daily activities.
  • Niah National Park – Which comprises just over three hectares of lowland forest surrounding a limestone massif, dominated by a 394-metre hill.
  • Lambir Hills National Park – With its amazing tropical rainforest and one of the highest numbers of plant and insect species in all of Sarawak.



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