experience Sri Lanka’s nature and local life with a catamaran/kayak ride and village excursion

The Yala Adventure is a wilderness retreat created by a group of Sri Lankan nature lovers to make the incredibly varied flora and fauna of Sri Lanka easily accessible to local and foreign visitors. The group’s catamaran/kayak ride and village excursion is one such effort taken in order to bring travellers closer to nature and local life of Sri Lanka.


This village excursion will commence from the hotel’s lake bank. Just a half an hour ride on Yodha Lake will take you to the bird island, a sanctuary for unique birds. Paddle around in the vicinity of the island interacting with local fishermen as they patiently await their catch of the day.


Continue to ride all the way to the other bank of the lake where the village excursion will commence. Stroll pass by village houses, paddy fields and traditional Chena cultivations whilst observing the local life of the villagers. Stop at a Chena cultivation, the most primitive form of agriculture, where you will be welcomed by a cup of herbal drink accompanied by homemade local sweetmeats. To make things even more interactive and interesting, work with a farmer at the Chena, joining them in making lunch and savouring your freshly prepared farmers’ lunch.


Saying good bye to the farmer and his family, return to the bank where you will take the catamaran back to the hotel in the other end of the lake.


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