Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka shows its silly side during their “Fun Friday”

Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka recently took part in Hema’s “Fun Friday”, an event that takes place once every 2-3 months organised by the Head of Group Human Resources in order to bring together all companies under the Hemas umbrella for a leisurely break.


An evening with a special theme is arranged in order to showcase the splash of talent and team spirit between Hemas SBUs. Although rather competitive at times to secure a place in the competition, everyone overlooks the work pressure and relishes a wonderful evening with fellow colleagues. This time around, the organisers managed to put on quite a bold show with an “Underground Garage” theme. Ladies and gents were clad in leather biker attire with a touch of hip-hop style adding an extra style to the show.


DTSL performed an entertaining medley wooing the crowd. The participants from Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka were Kusal Tharindu, Pradeesh David, Dilakshan Srinivasagam, Dematrius Augustine, and our very own department colleague, Roshan Ratnam.