‘Giant Hands Of Gods’ Hold Up Vietnamese Bridge

Cau Vang or the “Golden Bridge” in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills has attracted scores of tourists since it opened in June, drawing those eager to see a novel piece of unusual architecture and design.

The bridge was designed to evoke the image of the “giant hands of gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land”. This walkway in the sky among the foggy and fairy-like scenery of Ba Na mountain snakes through the forest high up in the hills. The span of the unconventional bridge stretches an impressive 150 metres (490 feet) long.

First developed by French colonists as a hill station in 1919, today the area is a major tourist attraction, boasting a cable car, replica French medieval village – complete with faux castle and cathedral – manicured gardens and a wax museum featuring statues of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Michael Jordan. The only remnants of the original French occupants are the crumbling remains of their holiday homes that can still be spotted while travelling up by cable car.