walk through Yangon on a multi-cultural journey

This 3-hour Multi-Cultural Walk in Yangon takes explorers into the Indian and Chinatown Quarters of old Yangon. Throughout the walk, one will see a blend of colonial buildings, churches, mosques, Buddhist monasteries and more which reflect the mix of religions in this unique city. Visit a Kali Hindu temple, as well as the beautiful French-designed St. John’s Catholic Church and the only Synagogue in Myanmar. Go inside an old colonial mansion that has seen better days, plus a fantastic 100-year old indoor food market. One of the most impressive things about Yangon is its vibrant street life with lots of market stalls and teahouses, and this walk takes travellers deep into the crowded streets while offering plenty of opportunity to taste local foods.


The guided walk is available two times a day with the morning tour running from 8:30hrs – 11:30hrs and the afternoon tour running from 14:30hrs – 17:30hrs.


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