step back in time with the half-day Orwell literary walk

Explore the colonial heritage buildings of Yangon on walking tour that brings to life the Rangoon of the 1920s, reveals the city’s rich history and well known sites, and discovers some hidden gems that George Orwell, author of Burmese Days, would have visited during his time spent in Burma.


Along with exploring the modern version of Orwell’s Burma during this three-hour walking tour, guests also enter the world of Burmese writer Shwe U-Daung who in the 1920s and 30s adapted the Sherlock Holmes stories for a Burmese audience. Search for his mysterious address on Burmese Baker Street and stop at a teashop frequented by contemporary Burmese writers. The walk is conducted by a great local Burmese guide, San Lin Tun. A well-known local writer and poet who has lived in Yangon all his life and speaks excellent English, San Lin Tun impresses guests with not only explanations of tour sites but his own stories.


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