simple pleasures of real, healthy food in singapore

This tour showcases popular health foods in Singapore. Visitors will first visit Bollywood Veggies, a sanctuary away from the bustle of the Little Red Dot, where you can learn about the farming of organic produce. Touch, smell and taste some of the vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices and medicinal plants grown there. Set in the rustic environment of the northwest Kranji Countryside, visiting Bollywood Veggies is like taking a step back in time through Singapore’s lush history.


After enjoying a healthy lunch, explore the world’s first Swiftlet Garden Museum and embark on an educational guided tour to discover more about the bird species responsible for producing the highly valued ingredient of bird’s nest.


Learn the history of bird’s nest, explore and differentiate between cave and house nests, understand the past and present processing techniques as well as health benefits of consuming bird’s nest. Experience the majestic view of swiftlets hovering above you during a live bird calling demonstration and then sample a collection of bird’s nest chocolate and cookies.



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Image credit: Bollywood Veggies Facebook