Phuket Sandbox 7+7 Extension

International travellers can now experience more of Thailand without quarantine


The Land of Smiles is continuing to open up! International travellers can now travel more throughout Phuket and surrounding areas without needing to quarantine.

The “Phuket Sandbox 7+7 Extension” programme allows eligible international travellers to reduce the mandatory stay in Phuket from 14 to seven nights, after which another seven nights can be spent in selected areas of Krabi, Phang-Nga or Surat Thani via approved routes and modes of transport, which Diethelm Travel is able to provide.



Ko Phi Phi

Ko Ngai



Khao Lak

Ko Yao

Surat Thani

Ko Samui

Ko Pha-ngan

Ko Tao


How it works


Existing entry measures for the Phuket Sandbox programme are still in place. Travellers planning to spend another seven nights outside of Phuket must obtain a ‘Transfer Form’ issued by their hotel in Phuket indicating that they have stayed in Phuket for seven nights. They also need to show negative results of their two COVID-19 tests (conducted on Day 0 and Day 6-7 in Phuket).


Once travellers have completed the 7-night extension in Krabi, Phang-Nga or Surat Thani, and have tested negative in their third COVID-19 test (conducted on Day 12-13), they will receive a ‘Release Form’ from their hotel and will be able to continue their journey to other destinations in Thailand.


If their stay in Krabi, Phang-Nga or Surat Thani is less than seven nights, travellers must proceed directly to Phuket International Airport on the day of departure. At the port of entry back into Phuket, they will need to show a plane ticket or other proof of their international travel from Phuket.


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