pedaling through Paradise: bicycle tours in Langkawi

the Langkawi Village

Renee Osman, Sales Manager at Diethelm Travel Malaysia, shares how visitors to the tropical island of Langkawi can experience its lush beauty through a unique bicycle tour.

On my recent vacation to the mystical island of Langkawi, I wanted to do something different. Coming from a travel agent such as myself, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to be surprised by new travel experiences, but I wanted to make my trip to Langkawi memorable and experience a different side of my country that I had not seen before. Aside from swimming and cold cocktails by the beach, I wished to discover the natural beauty of this island up close…so I booked myself Diethelm Travel’s very own product, the Langkawi Village Bicycle Tour.

This excursion gave me the possibility to uncover the beauty of Langkawi by fully immersing myself in it. Instead of sitting still in a cold van, I was given a mountain bike, safety helmet, bottle of mineral water and safety briefing on how the tour would go.

With close friends and our passionate and experienced nature guide, we journeyed for three hours on a 15-kilometre bicycle ride through river banks, paddy fields, a Malay village and verdant forests. We also went through local orchards and tasted the sweetness of papayas straight from the tree, tartness of ripe tamarind and refreshing coolness of sipping a fresh coconut as we chatted with a local by her simple, yet comfortable, veranda in a typical Malay wooden house.



I experienced Langkawi from a totally different point of view and enjoyed an intimate way to get a glimpse of the island’s daily life and beautiful natural scenery!

Wondering what else to do in Langkawi?


where to go

  • Head to the Langkawi Cable Car located in the Oriental Village. The clear, bubble-shaped cable car takes you to the top of Gunung Matcincang at 708 metres and offers a spectacular view of the many islands of Langkawi surrounded by the vast blue sea and lush vegetation.
  • Explore Pregnant Maiden Island with its large freshwater lake.


what to do

  • Langkawi Exploration by Helicopter – This airborne adventure captures the magic of the Langkawi islands and beautiful surroundings from above.
  • Rope Adventure Park in Langkawi – This sky trekking experience in the jungle allows you to climb from tree to tree and walk through the forest canopy for a unique and fun experience.


where to eat

Nam Restaurant in Bon Ton – Regarded as one of the best restaurants on the island, this restaurant’s exotic fusion of gourmet western and eastern cuisine offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes.

The Gulai House in Datai – Set in a traditional Malay kampung house, this restaurant’s rustic atmosphere, with an ever-present symphony of wildlife, complements its authentic Malay dishes and tantalising Indian cuisine served on banana leaves and in traditional handcrafted ceramic bowls.


To learn more about the Langkawi Village Bicycle Tour or to make a booking, visit our Malaysia page