Khao Sok Ethical Elephant Experience with commuity lunch from Khao Lak

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: All day

English    Phang Nga, Khao Lak, Surat Thani, Khao Sok

tour highlights

  • Meet the Family that is taking care of Somboon at the Sonchana Farm
  • Prepare Somboon's lunch, consisting of fruits, vegetables and handmade sticky rice medicine pies
  • Bathe Somboon by taking him to the Mud Spa and scrubbing him down with an organically made coconut elephant loofah
  • Plant a sugar cane for Somboon and his elephant friends to eat in the future

tour details

The first ethical, community-based Khao Sok Elephant Experience where you get to feed and bathe Somboon the elephant!. Somboon was rescued from a trekking camp, where he worked long days carrying tourists in harsh conditions. Now Somboon is the star of The Khao Sok Elephant Experience where he is lovingly tended by guests under the tutelage of a mahout (elephant trainer.

tour description

This morning you will be collected from your Khao Lak hotel After breakfast and transfer to visit the first ethical and community-based Elephant Experience in Khao Sok for an opportunity to feed and bathe an elephant rescued from a former trekking camp, having worked long days carrying tourists in harsh conditions.

This intimate experience (only 12 visitors allowed per day) is ideal for guests who want to avoid the masses, larger camps and instead learn about the elephant's story as well as a chance to interact on a more personal level.

Guests will get the chance to meet the mahout (elephant trainer) and his family, as well as prepare the elephant's food consisting of; fruits, vegetables and handmade sticky rice medicine pies, and bathe the elephant in his "Mud Spa" whilst scrubbing him down with an organically made "coconut elephant loofah". The experience ends with guests planting sugar cane for the elephant and his friends to eat in the future.

By participating in this program, guests are helping to fund the rescue of more abused elephants and helping to send a clear message that these majestic creatures must not be exploited.

Then after waving goodbye to Giant friend, you'll be driven to a local hamlet reached via a picturesque hanging bridge that overlooks the Saeng River. Here there is a small collection of traditional Thai wooden houses set in the jungle surrounded by different fruit orchards. The area is home to a local community who are working together to protect the stunning environment that they live in (much of the proceeds of the tour go to them). You will be given a tour of the orchards (it's great fun to see which fruit you recognise!) and then you will sit down with your hosts to enjoy a typical Southern Thai lunch with the local community. After saying good bye, you will transfer back to your hotel.


Transfer included: Yes
Meal included: Lunch
    Tour code: EXKFEELBKH

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