Half Day Landmarks of Rattanakosin

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Tour Period: Morning

3 hours    English, French, German    Bangkok

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Wat Saket is easily recognized by its golden Chedi atop a fortress-like hill. The Golden Mount houses relics of Lord Buddha and affords visitors who climb its 318 steps a panoramic view of old Rattanakosin and the roofs of Bangkok from the top. From there we continue to the Monk's Alm Bowl Making Village. "Baan Batr" is the last existing place in Bangkok that still hammers out - by hand - the brass bowl that Buddhist monks carry with them during the morning alms round. Tucked away in a narrow backstreet south of Wat Saket, it looks no different from any other backstreets of Bangkok, where old, non-descriptive buildings fail to give any hints to what's hidden down the alley. On the way back to your hotel, we stop at one of Bangkok's landmarks: the "Sao Chingcha". The Red Giant Swing is an indicator of the once strong influence of Brahmanism in Thailand and a symbol of god Shiva. Its usage was reserved purely for a spectacular game performed at grand ceremonies. Due to the danger and number of victims this performance produced each year the tradition was discontinued.


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