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Hong Kong has plenty of atmospheric street markets and shopping streets - entire thoroughfares dedicated to one type of product. The South China practice of grouping similar businesses on one street means you can do much more: goldfish, birds, clothes, flowers- if it's worth shopping, it has a street here. This specially designed excursion to four popular markets starts off with a short ride on the MTR (Hong Kong's mass transit system) to Mongkok

Our first stop is the Flower Market -a jungle of exotic blooms and scents that's worth immersing yourself in. The dozens of shops and wholesalers here sell auspicious blossoms and luck-bringing houseplants to an enthusiastic crowd all year round.
Next we visit Bird Street - a popular haunt for songbird supporters. The visually engaging Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is designed in the style of a traditional Chinese garden. The park has dozens of stalls selling exotic birds, beautifully crafted bamboo cages, porcelain water dishes and other bird-care paraphernalia. While it's unlikely that you'll be purchasing a few Chinese thrushes as mementos of your Hong Kong trip, the garden is a pleasant place to witness this age-old Chinese hobby in action; where elderly men feed and preen their feathered friends in exchange for sweet songs.

We will also visit the nearby Goldfish Market, lined on either side with shops devoted to the raising of many types of fish, from weirdly shaped goldfish to colourful tropical species with gaspingly high price tags. In between, you'll also spot a few amphibians and reptiles crawling about; not to mention some impressive saltwater aquarium setups complete with coral.
Finally we visit the Fa Yuen Street Market- a wet market housed in the Fa Yuen Street Municipal Building- here you will have a great insight of busy stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. Experience the sights and sounds of old-school market business in full swing and a vivid & timeless world of food shopping that refuses to be extinguished by modern supermarkets!


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