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A Day of Discovery at Ocean Park

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Tour Level: Moderate

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Tour Period: All day

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A world acclaimed theme park where you can enjoy amazing marine life, natural habitats and exciting rides in over 60 attractions including one of the World's top 10 aquariums

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Ocean Park is a world acclaimed theme park where you can enjoy amazing marine life, natural habitats and exciting rides in over 60 attractions. The Park features one of the World's top 10 aquariums - the Grand Aquarium. Other attractions include exhibits of sea lions, dolphins, birds, red pandas, giant pandas and some of the rarest animals in the world. In addition to the animals, a large assortment of thrilling rides will provide a fun-filled day for all visitors. Suggested highlights

Ocean Express - Come for a fantastic journey on the newly launched Ocean Express, the latest and fastest way to travel between the Waterfront (in the lowland) to the Summit (headland) in 3 minutes. The ride offers a vivid experience that simulates a voyage through the "ocean's depth".

Shark Mystique - the all-new exhibit at Ocean Park to unmasking the mystery of sharks, and uncovering the many misconceptions we have about them, and realize their vital importance to the oceans! Start your journey at a sustainable coastal village before venturing deep into the waters to meet over a hundred sharks and rays of different species!

Cable Car - A 15 minutes cable car ride which spans the lowlands and headlands of Ocean Park with a great view of the southern shores

Thrill Mountain - Feel your adrenalin pumping at Thrill Mountain with Hair Raiser, the Park's latest and fastest roller coaster, and the other four exciting rides!

Amazing Asian Animals - Embark on an interactive journey of discovery and home to some of Asia's most precious native animals including giant pandas, red pandas. Chinese giant salamanders and alligators.

Old Hong Kong- Be mesmerized by the colors and activities of life in Old Hong Kong on authentically recreated streets and scenes. Let the wonderful smells of foods on the street guide you to the breezy marketplace, where you can feast on numerous delights from Hong Kong's old street.


Transfer included : Yes


Meal included : None


NOTE: The itinerary includes a brief visit to TSL Jewelry Factory, the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding QTS Merchant Awards and for more than 10 years.

Tour code: HKGGLOPT

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