Explore the Nature of Fujian Heritage

Join Diethelm Travel for a culturally rich exploration of the Fujian Province on this 5-day tour. Highlights include several iconic landmarks recognised as UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage sites.

After arriving at the Xiamen Airport, your guide will pick you up and take you to your hotel and then dinner in Xiamen City. The second day commences with a visit to Gulangyu Island, home to the famous Shuzhuang Garden, which has breathtaking views of the sea and is well-known for its Piano Museum. In the afternoon, visit the Hulishan Fortress Park, the South Putuo Temple, the ‘Island Ring Road’ and Xiamen University. After dinner, enjoy bartering with vendors along the buzzing Zhongshan Shopping Street.

Embark on a voyage to explore the beautiful Mt. Wuyi, a UNESCO World Heritage and Cultural Site. There you’ll see the Nine-Bend River, watch colourful performances on Song Street, and tour the interiors of the Wuyigong Palace and Sanqing Hall.

The second half of the tour will take you to breathtaking natural scenery such as the Water Curtain Cave and Eagle Mouth Rock. Enjoy sipping on a cup of Da Hong Pao Tea, a special imperial tribute tea from China. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Yongding Earth Building Cluster, an extraordinary Chinese rural dwelling, before wrapping up the tour filled with unforgettable cultural heritage.

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