explore Kuching’s old Chinese trades with Mrs. Mei Leo

Meet Mrs. Mei Leo, a lady of vast knowledge, who will take you on an adventure around the corridors of Kuching. This tour begins with a visit to the Chinese History Museum along the waterfront followed by meeting a sinseh or Chinese traditional medicine man. He will practice his ancient art for you and, if you’d like, provide a personal medical consultation.


With your herbal remedy in hand, Mrs. Mei Leo will then take you to Pak Tik to learn about the trade of Chinese tin smiths. Watch these artisans create all sorts of tin products such as coffee jugs, mailboxes, serving trays and lamps. Try out tinsmithing and craft your own tin tray or box and keep it as a souvenir.


Continue your walk through Chinatown and stop a Hio Chek, a shop that trades Chinese ceremonial items such as joss sticks, candles and offerings for the ancestors. Mrs. Mei Leo will explain the Chinese beliefs about life after death and the worshipping of the ancestors. Afterwards, visiting a Chinese temple where you may witness the locals worshipping.


Before walking back to the hotel, stop at an old Chinese coffee shop to enjoy a traditional Chinese noodle dish and a cup of coffee. Watch the Chinese towkay brew your coffee according to the old way without a coffee machine.


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