cycle through rural villages in Tissamaharama

Our cycling excursion will enable you to reconnect with Mother Nature while witnessing a side of Tissamaharama, often referred to as “Tissa”, many travellers never experience. Starting from the hotel premises, ride along a gravel road passing village houses and buffalos with birds perched on their heads. The peacocks wandering in the paddy fields and in the surrounding shrubs will add allure to your cycling experience while the chirp of the birds will provide natural music.


The excursion will reach its climax at a lake bank where you will visit a village chena cultivation. While the ride is obviously lovely, the uniqueness of this experience comes from one-on-one interaction with the local villagers. Witness their simple way of life, their healthy foods and eating habits, and the natural medicines and healing methods. Their lifestyle is always connected with the nature. If you are keen on spending a few more hours and interacting with them, you are free to work with them and cook your own organic food before your journey back.