venture out on a remote Karen village tour

Discover the rural world of Hpa-An’s typical villages in Karen State, Myanmar


Begin the experience driving from your hotel in Hpa-An to Let Ka Na Village to meet a local Karen guide and trek about 25 minutes to Kone Tha Paung Village walking through a leafy rubber plantation, past traditional huts and homes made of palm leaves.


Upon arriving in the Buddhist Kone Tha Paung Village, home to less than 20 families, visit village women weaving by hand making their own traditional dresses that usually take 10 days to make. Next, stop in the green rice paddies to see the men, with their traditional hairstyle of a knot on the forehead, working in the fields. Enjoy tea and light snacks with the local community before continuing to walk to Maw Sari Village. A clean and quiet village, it’s rare to see people walking in the village streets though still charms visitors thanks to its green nature and peaceful environment of the very village. Before heading back to the hotel, share lunch in the village house with the local Karen people.


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