upcoming Chin Lone (cane Ball) festival in Mandalay

Chin Lone, said to have been played in Myanmar for over 1,500 years, is typically a non-competitive game. With no opposing team, there is no one to win or lose. In Mandalay, however, Chin Lone teams traditionally compete at an annual festival held at Mahamuni Pagoda compound.

Also known as cane ball, the ancient sport of rhythmic elegance is typically played by six people in a team. The ball is made of woven cane and light enough for players to touch and hit with their feet, knees and head, passing the ball from one player to another within a circle without using their hands.

To preserve this tradition, the Chin Lone Festival is held annually in Mandalay, at Mahamuni Pagoda, from 15 May – 28 June. Rather than a tournament, the festival is more a display of talent and a form of entertainment for the public. Audiences can enjoy entertaining displays of several variants of play accompanied by folk music.