uncover ‘real cinnamon’ for yourself with the cinnamon experience

Cinnamon was first discovered in Sri Lanka by the Portuguese who identified it as a wild tree, researching its benefits and designing a method to cultivate it. In time, cinnamon cultivation and export became one of Sri Lanka’s prime assets and now Sri Lanka produces 90% of the world’s supply of high quality cinnamon.


The spice is used in both sweet and savoury dishes, has a highly fragrant aroma and is incredibly beneficial for health, used frequently in traditional Ayurveda remedies. Many people that live in and visit Sri Lanka are sure to see tea plantations and tea pluckers, but cinnamon cultivation is still a very unique and relatively unknown process.


The Cinnamon Experience isn’t just informative; it is also a hands-on adventure, encouraging guests to get their hands a little dirty and strip down some Cinnamon sticks for themselves. Experience cinnamon’s entire lifecycle, from the growing of the trees and harvesting, to piling and processing the cinnamon in the aroma-filled factory. Understand the history behind this precious spice and where it is headed in the realm of Sri Lanka’s export priorities. Along the journey, enjoy cinnamon-infused teas, cocktails, biscuits or 4-course lunch for a fully immersive, and delicious, and experience.


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