Triple daily flights now available between Bangkok to Phnom Penh

Anticipating growing demand for business travel to Phnom Penh, Thai AirAsia has added a third daily service from its Bangkok Don Mueang airport base starting in mid May. The new flight departs Bangkok at 20:10, arriving in Phnom Penh at 21:40. The return flight departs Phnom Penh at 22:30 arriving at Don Mueang Airport at 23:40.

So far, the airline has been operating two flights daily, the earliest departing at 07:40 and the other departing Bangkok at 16:20. The new service is a welcome addition for Thai business travellers who are now able to travel to Phnom Penh on the early morning flight (07:40) for a full day of appointments in the Cambodian capital. They will then be able to catch the late night flight to Bangkok departing at 22:30, saving the need to book an overnight hotel stay.

All the Thai AirAsia services use A320s.