top reasons to visit India now

India, a land of 1.2 billion inhabitants, is one of the most attractive and diverse tourist destinations in the world. With a land area of almost four million square kilometres, including some of the world’s highest mountain peaks and 3,000 kilometres of coastline, it would take a traveller a lifetime to really discover and experience all that the Indian subcontinent has to offer.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit India, but here our some of our favourite:


The Taj Mahal and More:

India is home to one of the Wonders of the World, the majestic Taj Mahal. The country also boasts hundreds of other monuments that date back several thousand years as well as 35 World Heritage Sites.


Very few other destinations offer a history as rich and diverse as India. Dating back to the time of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation, all the way through the Mughal Empire and then the British rule, the history of India is astounding.


Fairs and Festivals:

No other country in the world offers festivals as colourful and diverse as Mother India. From the colorful Holi Festival that takes places in March each year, to the Festival of Lights, known as Diwali, that takes occurs during October/November, to the unique Pushkar Camel Fair, these festivals are an important part of experiencing how Indians celebrate life.

Delicious Food:

In India there is a well-known saying: “Appetising food paves the way to someone’s heart”. Indian food is famous throughout the world for being rich and flavourful. Cuisine in India varies from region to region and street food is extremely popular too.

Thrilling Wildlife:

The wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves of India are home to many of the world’s endangered species of mammals and birds. With 166 National Parks and 50 Project Tiger Reserves spread across the length and breadth of the country, India is truly a nature lovers and wildlife enthusiast’s delight.


With some of the world’s highest peaks, and the mighty Himalayas spreading for over 2,000 kilometres in the North of India, India is a trekker’s dream come true with plenty of opportunities for all levels of hiking. Other exciting adventure opportunities available in India include river rafting, horse and camel safaris, motorcycle expeditions and more.

Visas on Arrival:

Travellers from almost 180 countries visiting India as tourists are now eligible for E Tourist Visas on Arrival, making travel easy, effortless and possible at short notice.


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