The Samar Villas & Spa Resort under new management

Recently the Samar Villas & Spa Resort in Siem Reap has been taken over by new management and a serious upgrade is now underway.


Jacques Messin, the garden designer of The Metropole in Monte Carlo, which is the only 6-star hotel in Europe, has been commissioned to transform the resort garden in the next couple of months into something truly amazing. He will also be creating a unique garden design for The Fou-Nan, the restaurant that is opposite the hotel. The Fou-Nan can seat over 150 people and features different live performances every night.


The new management will be spending a large amount of time over the next two months to restore the Fou-Nan to its formal glory with mouthwatering Khmer, Western and French dishes as well as different nightly performances. The management aims to make The Samar an exclusive, luxury hotel providing something unique and different compared to more commercially focused competitors.