Tamarind Gardens: For All those who wish to live like the Locals

The 10 acre field situated in Digana, well-known as ‘Tamarind Gardens’ is a community-based project run by a couple named Ayesha and Nalin with sustainability at its core.

Tamarind Garden offers its guests, well spacious accommodation in four main chalets facing the deep blue Victoria reservoir. As this project harps on local experience and sustainability, local cuisines are served daily and almost all of their meals are prepared using fresh home-grown produce, whilst meat is sourced from the local village. The existence and all activities surrounding the property have been designed in order to bring economic benefit to the community which struggles daily with a very harsh environment. What makes this project truly unique is the involvement with the locals. From the construction workers to those who prepare guest meals are from around here. Many local craftsmen also have been given the opportunity to introduce their art and crafts to the guests. Nalin and Ayesha together hope this will be a steady source of income for these villagers. Considering many reviews the property has received so far, guests appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in the routines of daily village life. Interacting with the locals and observing their daily chores of a rural village such as milking cows, caring for livestock etc. will certainly give you a different perspective of life.

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