Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up 17.5% in April 2017

Tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka rose 17.5 percent to 160,249 in April, after falling in the previous two months, data from the tourism office has showed.


Arrivals in the first four months of 2017 were up 6.1% to 765,202 tourists compared to 721,185 in the same period last year, despite partial closure of the international airport. Indian arrivals were up only 1.7% to 26,323 people in the month of April compared with the same period last year, while Chinese growth slowed to 4.5% (19,823 people).


However, the number of Western European visitors rose 40.9% with UK visitors up 48.6& to 17,841 people and German visitors up 47.1% to 11,866 people. The decline in the previous two months was due to inconvenience and long waiting time at the islands’ main airport, Bandaranayke International Airport, which was closed for three months until 6 April for runway renovations.