Spot the Endangered Sloth Bears in Yala

Yala National Park is among the best locations to observe Sri Lanka’s sloth bears. The park is said to inhabit about 50 bears, which are categorised as an endangered species and, according to the IUCN, may be the first large carnivore that the world loses.


These shy and nocturnal animals can be spotted as they feed on the ripened palu fruits in the wilderness. If you want to see these special creatures, we recommend starting the safari between 5:30hrs and 6:00hrs. Sometimes they are difficult to spot in the brush, but keep looking!


While exploring the trails throughout the Yala National Park in search of the sloth bears, one will also encounter lazy leopards lounging on tree branches, elephants crossing paths, and a multitude of birds and other wildlife, such as spotted deer, open mouthed mugger crocodiles and antlered sambars.


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