Singapore Tourism Board launches “Passion Made Possible” campaign

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Economic Development (EDB) launched its new slogan, “Passion Made Possible”, to market Singapore internationally for tourism and business purposes.


The campaign focuses mainly on Singaporeans with local personalities featured in various promotional videos that were picked for their stories. In one, wildlife consultant Subaraj Rajathurai explores Pulau Ubin and discusses the nation’s tug-of-war between modernisation and conservation. In another, third-generation hawker Douglas Ng shares his passion for keeping his grandmother’s fishball business alive.


These people, said the STB, were chosen to showcase the country’s “passionate, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise”. The videos are personal and go beyond Singapore’s current reputation for safety, cleanliness and accessibility.


The new campaign is a sound one. It showcases the nation’s cultural diversity, rich food heritage and the mindset of a people shaped by unique circumstances – qualities that Singapore already has. The path taken in recent years, of introducing new attractions like the integrated resorts and the Formula One Night Race for record tourism growth, though successful, is unsustainable.


Recent research has also shown that tourists are looking to live like locals and to build deeper connections with their destinations. The campaign also gives the industry a clear signal to develop content to showcase authentic experiences. Already, several tour operators have worked with the STB on new tours to visit urban farmers, connect with next-generation hawkers and explore hidden gems on a Vespa.


With more countries chasing the tourism dollar and aggressively promoting their destinations, Singapore’s travel industry can no longer rest on its laurels. It has to rise to meet the competition, to show the world what Singapore truly is.


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