renaissance kuala lumpur hotel undergoing renovations

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel will finish the renovation of the 410 Deluxe rooms in its West Wing by April 2017. The contemporary design, harmonic colours, re-engineered wood flooring, and 4-bay bathroom fixtures with rain showers in the new rooms ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. Some of the rooms are already completed and, until April, clients staying at the hotel can choose between staying in the traditional-style old rooms or the modern style new ones.


Elevating your stay into a feast of senses, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel combines the luxury with the contemporary in West Wing and East Wing to create a distinct Renaissance gem. Access to the commercial, financial, shopping, tourist and entertainment hubs is just a short walk to the nearest monorail and Light Rail Transit stations. With specialty outlets for dining and to unwind, a rejuvenating Mandara Spa experience, vigorous workouts at the comprehensive Fitness Center plus an Olympic-sized pool, this hotel is the gateway to a whole new experience.