Unwind at Waree Raksa Jungle Spa: Group Retreat

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Tour Level: Relaxed / Easy

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Tour Period: All day

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Enjoy a unique spa experience in the jungle. Take time out, treat yourself. Let your mind, body and soul relax. Tour up your fitness levels and renew your zest for life in Klong Tom district, about 45 km south of Krabi. The Spa is surrounded by lush tropical landscape spreading over 10 acres, with a large area dedicated to fruit orchards, and an organic garden. The Krabi Hot waterfall, one of Thailand famous landmarks is located just across the river from the spa. The scenery itself has a restful effect on body and soul: Fresh hot spring water, surrounded by majestic mountains and an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Benefiting from a combination of idyllic scenery, a healthy climate and a wealth of therapeutic natural treasures, it offers health and fitness experiences second to none. Two small sources of 40-45 C spring water were discovered by chance in 1989 when digging the ponds for a plantation. The water is clear and odorless; the PH value is 6.9 and in rich in beneficial minerals. The spa offers innovative spa treatments using mineral water to cure and promote good health. The signature treatment incorporates the science of hydrotherapy together with self-exercises in the water. The exercises are adapted from Rue-See-Dad-Ton and Ma-noh-ra performances, Southern Culture Heritages.


The full-day outing includes:
  • Local fruit market visit
  • Body scrub treatment with fresh ingredients
  • Hydrotherapy program: hot and cold pools, herbal bath, Thai yoga in the hot spring, neck & shoulder Massage, herbal bath

    Transfer included: Yes, Daily from Krabi beach hotels

    Meals included: Lunch
Tour code: KBVKSWAR

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