Taste of Thailand: Master Cooking Class in Chiang Mai (from Chiang Mai City): Group Experience

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Tour Level: Relaxed / Easy

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Evening

tour highlights

  • Do you already do simple Thai cooking at home?
  • Would you like deeper insight into Thai cooking?
  • Why not join our professional 'Master Classes'?
  • Learn professional secrets and tips from a chef
  • Choose from 5 different classes on 5 dishes each

tour details

Some of the top restaurants in the world specialise in Thai cuisine and many talented amateur chefs and professionals are already well versed in basic Thai cooking. In response to demand for much more in-depth knowledge about preparing Thai food, therefore, special, professional-level ‘Master Classes’ are available in Chiang Mai. They are designed for home cooks who already have some knowledge about Thai cooking and for professionals. You can choose from five different Master Classes, each teaching you how to cook five separate dishes. All ingredients, including curry pastes, will be created from scratch, as in a professional kitchen. When you’ve cooked your dishes, you can relax and enjoy them al fresco before taking away a book containing recipes for the dishes from all the courses.

Pick up & Drop off at Chiang Mai city

tour description

In response to popular demand for more advanced courses, "Master Classes" are now available upon request in Chiang Mai. They are designed to give a deeper insight and understanding to Thai Food. You will learn how to prepare and cook some of the most delicious Thai dishes ever created. The classes are for people who are passionate about Thai food and want to learn more than what is usually on offer. The menus have been specially designed to cater for professional chefs whilst still being accessible for food lovers who already have some knowledge of Thai cooking. There are 5 courses to choose from, each with its own exciting selection of dishes. Course 5 specialises in northern food which is becoming more and more popular. The tastes and flavours of the north are completely different from the rest of the country and this menu is recommended if you are interested in regional cooking. You will be prepared and given all the ingredients for the 5 dishes that you will cook. You will prepare them all from scratch and make any curry pastes that are needed. Once the preparation is completed you will cook all the dishes. The teacher will be on hand to help you and will give you many extra tips and hints as you go. Upon completion of the course, you receive a recipe booklet containing all the recipes from the master classes. Once the cooking is completed, you will sit down and dine on all the food that you have created, in peaceful and atmospheric surroundings.
MENU 1 MAA HOR - Minced chicken, pork and prawns served on a bed of pineapple and orange. SAENG WAA GUNG PAO - Barbecued prawns with a kaffir lime dressing. PO DTERK - Mixed seafood soup with holly basil. PHAD PHET MOO - Stir-fried pork with red curry paste and green peppercorns. YAM MAKHUA YAAW - Spicy long eggplant salad.
MENU 2 GAENG JUUD DTAENG KWAA - Clear soup with cucumber stuffing. SII KHRONG MOO TORD GRATIEM - Pork spareribs with crispy garlic and pepper. YAM PHISET - Chef's special salad. CHU CHEE PLAA - Deep-fried fish with a red curry sauce. MIENG PHAMA - Palm sugar, ginger and grated coconut served in pepper leaves.
MENU 3 TAKRAI GOONG - Lemongrass sticks with minced chicken, prawns and pork. GAENG SOM PLAA CHON - Sour soup with snake-headed fish. YAM HUA PLEE - Banana flower salad. GAENG BOOM BAI - Boombai curry with pork. GUNG MAKHAM - Prawns with tamarind sauce.
MENU 4 GAENG LIANG GOONG - Mixed vegetable soup with prawns. GAENG PAA MOO - Jungle curry pork (water base curry). PLAA CHON NUENG MANAO - Steamed snake-headed fish with a chilli and lime sauce. GOONG PHAD NOR MAI FARANG - Stir-fried prawns with asparagus. YAM NUEA - Spicy beef salad Thai Style
MENU 5 - Northern Thai Dishes KHAO SOI GAI - Chiang Mai noodle soup with chicken. GAENG HANG LAY MOO - Chiang Mai curry with pork. YAM JIN GAI - Spicy chicken soup northern style. NAM PRIK ONG - Minced pork northern style. SAA MAKHUA - Crispy eggplant salad.


Meals included: Meal cooked during the course
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