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1 hour       Ho Chi Minh

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  • "A O" is a unique mix of bamboo cirque, acrobatic acts, contemporary dance, and theatrical visual art.
  • Teh Dar is a venture into the enchanting world of Vietnamese highlanders with bamboo cirque, acrobatics and melody from exotic tribal instruments
  • The Mist is an hour of emotions, with myriad ups and downs, painted by sensational live music, splendid visuals & lighting effects telling a story Southern Vietnamese farming life.

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Enjoy one of three extraordinary evening shows that depict the essence of Vietnam's culture in a most original way at the historic Saigon Opera

Add more favours to your stay in Vietnam with memorable evening shows at the historic 119-year-old Saigon Opera House that showcase a combination of circus skills, theatrical techniques, acrobatics, contemporary dance and choreography with lifelike insights of Vietnam. There are three themed shows for your choice based on the theatre's weekly schedule:

Insights of Vietnam from the peaceful countryside to frantic city life on a background music composed exclusively for the show using Vietnamese instruments only. Show props are typical Vietnamese daily life objects such as fishing baskets, bamboo sticks..

Original ways of tribal life on the South West Highland of Vietnam vividly recreated on the stage that takes you into the realm of wild animal hunt, moonlit romance, jungle's tales of death and reincarnation on the background of enchanting music from tribal instruments

This tells the story of rice, a metaphor of farmers' life humble as soil, joyful as laughter at harvest and strong as men's will be bracing the storms. All these are expressed by a mix of dance genres such as neoclassic, contemporary and ballet
Tour code: EXSEAOSB

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