Phang Nga Hong Starlight Canoe by John Gray: Group Discovery

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: All day

tour highlights

  • Relax in the peaceful surroundings of Phang Nga's hongs
  • Enjoy a boat ride and a light lunch
  • Paddle through several cave systems
  • Experience the magic of a hong illuminated by the night sky
  • Dine under the stars on a Thai seafood

tour details

Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of nature as you explore the many local sea caves, or ‘hongs’, in this stunning bay. We’ll take a boat ride and learn about the area during a light lunch before reaching the secluded bay. We’ll then paddle through several hong systems, where you’ll discover how these unique sites were formed and observe the wildlife that lives within them. After watching the spectacular sunset from a viewpoint, we’ll head to a very special hong which is illuminated by three natural light sources. As the daylight fades, you’ll experience an unforgettable moment. Finally, you’ll dine on a Thai seafood buffet dinner and enjoy dessert on the moon deck under the twinkling night sky as you hear about Thai and Western constellations and their legends.

tour description

Depart your hotel at noon for an afternoon of nature, sea cave/Hong exploration and a superb Thai Seafood Sunset dinner. In the late afternoon, you experience the tranquility of real nature and enjoy the ambiance that made the hongs famous in the first place. Motoring to the Bay takes about an hour, but with your trip briefing, nature game instructions and light lunch we make the first cave before you know it. In transit, we pass a couple of dozen day-trip boats - on their way back to Phuket. The Bay is almost empty when you arrive at the sea caves. Spend the afternoon exploring several cave / hong systems. You learn what made these unique sites, the wildlife that lives within them, and the Eco-system bringing it all together. In the late afternoon, you experience the tranquility of real nature. We are slaves to the tides, but you usually get at least four different caves and hongs, swimming time and a free paddle before sunset. Sunset itself is spectacular. We motor to our special viewing spot for day's end. Then as daylight disappears, we return to a Hong you visited earlier in the afternoon. Once darkness falls, your very special Hong by Starlight begins. Once we transit the cave, it's no torches and no talking in the Hong - three natural light sources and one special feeling create a lifetime memorable moment. Everybody always wants to do another Hong, so we bribe you into returning to Phuket with our famous Thai Seafood buffet dinner served underway. For dessert, we retreat to the moon deck where you and your guide compare Thai and Western constellations and their legends until you arrive at the dock.


Transfer included: Yes
Meals included: Light lunch & Thai Seafood Buffet Dinner on the boat


    What to bring: Swimwear, shorts and light T-shirt, beach towel, sun-block lotion, sun glasses, hat/cap.
      Tour code: HKTASJSG

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