Nature Voyage of Penang

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Morning

tour highlights

  • Visit the secluded Kuala Sungei Pinang fishing village
  • Take a cruise along picturesque mangroves
  • Experience the diverse range of animals and bird species
  • Admire the beautiful beaches at Pantai Kerachut
  • Tour the turtle conservation centre

tour details

In the morning, you’ll depart your hotel and head to Kuala Sungei Pinang in Penang National Park – a secluded fishing village on the west coast of Penang Island. From here you’ll take a leisurely boat cruise along the mangroves, enjoying the peaceful surroundings. As you progress, you’ll see Brahminy Kites eagles’ nests, kingfishers, monitor lizards and more! Next you’ll stop at a beautiful white sandy beach, popular for picnics and camping. This stretch of sand is also the nesting place of the Green Turtles and Olive-Ridley Turtles. You’ll then continue with a spot of fishing or a visit to the turtle conservation centre. After proceeding along a jungle trail, you’ll take a cool dip in one of the freshwater streams before taking a leisurely 2-hour walk from Pantai Kerachut to Pasir Pandak.

tour description

In the morning, depart hotel and proceed to Penang National Park 2nd entry point at Kuala Sungei Pinang, a remote and secluded fishing village at the west coast of Penang Island. Take a leisurely boat cruise along mangrove waterways, enjoy the peaceful surrounding where you spot the Brahminy Kites eagles' nests, savour majestic flight of the white-bellied sea eagles, colourful kingfishers & many other mangrove-migratory bird species. See monitor lizards sunbathing on shore, be introduced to various mangrove vegetations, meet the local fishermen returning with their catch (fishes, prawns, crabs, etc) and enjoy the beautiful view at river mouth. Penang National Park - Pantai Kerachut. It has a beautiful white sandy beach popular for picnic and camping and it is also where the unique seasonal meromictic lake is located. You can inspect several species of meromictic flora and fauna which thrive well in the changing condition of lake/mudflat. The sandy stretch is also the nesting place of the Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) & Olive-Ridley Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea). You may start fishing from the jetty or rock areas, visit the
turtle conservation centre. You shall head to the forested area along the peat swamp jungle trail and take a cool dip in the natural spas at one of the freshwater streams. Start trekking from Pantai Kerachut to Pasir Pandak, it is about 2 hours of leisure walk on undulating terrain. Along the trail you will be able to enjoy clean cool streams, an array of flora and fauna dominated by lowland dipterocarps, commercial and medicinal species of plants, ferns, palms, pitcher plants, climbers, fungi and many resident & migratory birds, monkeys and squirrels. Occasionally you will be able to spot the rare spiny hill tortoises, river terrapins and etc. Arrive at Penang National Park 1st gateway, Teluk Bahang fishing village around 1400hrs and return to the hotel.


  • Transfer included : Yes


  • Meals included : None
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