Kuching Dive Against Debris: group experience

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day tour

Tour Level: Advanced

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Morning

tour highlights

  • View the incredible underwater world near Satang Besar & Satang Kecil
  • Join in the 'Dive Against Debris' conservation project
  • Look for turtles, crustaceans & more in the many corals
  • Observe an array of local fish species
  • Enjoy 2 unique dives

tour details

This excursion allows you to explore an amazing underwater world & contribute to marine conservation by taking part in Project AWARE’s ‘Dive Against Debris’ campaign! You’ll dive around the islands of Satang Besar & Satang Kecil, both part of the Talang – Satang National Park, and around nearby Sempadi Island. Admire fringing coral reefs & rock boulders that are resting places for sea turtles, juvenile fish & crustaceans. You’ll find the diving depth an advantage for underwater photographers. You’ll expect to find blue ring angelfish, groupers, snappers, mangrove jacks, damsels, chromis, blennies, white cheek bream, copper banded butterfly fish, anemone fish & possibly nudibranch or flatworm. You’ll enjoy 2 dives – a dive to survey the area & then to dive the surveyed area & remove debris.

tour description

07:30 hrs. - Pick-up from your hotel in Kuching and transfer to the jetty in Santubong.
This dive excursion gives you the unique opportunity to explore the amazing underwater world and at the same time contribute to marine conservation by taking part in the Project AWARE's 'Dive Against Debris' campaign! Divers all around the world regularly get to see first-hand the damage to the marine environment caused by marine debris during their dives. 'Dive Against Debris' is a global underwater survey of marine debris, which aims to collect data to portray information and work towards informing policy changes and waste management to erase the problem at its source.
The 'Dive Against Debris' will take place around the islands Satang Besar and Satang Kecil, which are part of the Talang - Satang National Park, as well as around the nearby Sempadi island. Fringing coral reefs and rock boulders surround these islands, which is a good resting place for sea turtles and also provides shelter to many juvenile fishes and crustaceans. The water bodies around the islands are quite shallow with an average depth of 12 metres only, which is even suitable for beginner divers and a good advantage for underwater photographers to shoot their favourite macro subjects. The nutrient rich water from the coastal mangrove area can sometimes impact the visibility, but benefits the coral reefs. Divers can expect to find blue ring angelfish, groupers, snappers, mangrove jacks, damsels, chromis, blennies, white cheek bream, copper banded butterfly fish and anemone fish. In certain dive sites divers can also easily find different species of nudibranch or flatworm.
The tour includes 2 boat dives and light snacks on board.
Dive 1: Dive to survey the area including taking of pictures and identifying the type of debris in order to choose the equipment needed for removal of the debris.
Dive 2: Dive the area surveyed and remove debris.
Debriefing: Log all the data using the data card provided and receive a 'Dive Against Debris' certificate.
14:00 hrs. - Programme complete and transfer to your hotel.


  • Transfer from/to Hotel Inculded: Yes
  • Meal: Light Snack


  • Guests need to have an Open Water Dive Certification. Full name and certification number have to be provided upon booking.
  • The tour includes 2 boat dives. An additional dive is chargeable @ MYR 80.00 per person.
  • Use of weights, belts and compressed air is included. Prescriptive mask and dive gear is not included, but can be rented at a surcharge:
  • Full set-mask set, regulator, BCD, fins and rash guard top: MYR 120.00 per person
  • Partial set-regulator and BCD: MYR 100.00 per person
  • Snorkel set-mask, snorkel and fins: MYR 30.00 per person
  • Regulator only: MYR 60.00 per person
  • BCD only: MYR 60.00 per person
  • If equipment rental is required, please provide guest's BCD and fin sizes upon booking.
  • Please be aware that travellers who took the anti-malaria drug called 'Lariam' (mefloquine) are not allowed to take part in scuba diving, as this prophylaxis has
    side effects that can imitate and worsen symptoms of decompression illness!!!


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