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5 hours    English, French, German, Russian, Spanish    Bangkok

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China Town is located in the heart of Bangkok between the Chao Praya River and the famous Hualampong Station, one of the oldest areas in Bangkok. The Chinese were moved to this area in 1780 so that the King could build the Grand Palace. The street is lined with ubiquitous goldsmith shops, sharksfin and birds nest restaurants, shops and vendors selling Chinese herbal medicine, dried mushrooms, and many other things that often can be defined by a local only. During your stroll through the small alleys, you can try and enjoy a cup of Chinese tea with the local merchants. A short Tuk Tuk ride will take you to Pak Klong Talad, the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. The majority of flowers found here are destined to be woven into "phuang malai" - garlands and used as offerings. Some will be offered to images of Buddha inside temples or on the shrines of private homes. Others will find their way to ancestor spirit shrines, spirit trees, or one of the countless dedications to Hindu gods like Brahma and Indra. Continue to "Baan Batr", the last existing place in Bangkok that still hammers out - by hand - the brass bowl that Buddhist monks carry with them during the morning alms round. Wat Saket is easily recognized by its golden Chedi atop a fortress-like hill. The Golden Mount houses relics of Lord Buddha and affords visitors who climb its 318 steps a panoramic view of old Rattanakosin and the roofs of Bangkok from the top.


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