Go Local: Hanoi Street Food Experience

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day tour

Tour Level: Standard

Tour Comfort: Relaxed/Easy

Tour Period: 16:00 – 19:00 hrs


  • Sample delicious Vietnamese cuisine just like the locals do — on the street
  • Stroll through hidden alleyways and bustling markets of Hanoi’s charming old quarter
  • Learn more about Hanoi’s unique food culture
  • Try local specialties with influences from French and Chinese cuisine
  • Take in a spectacular view of Hoan Kiem lake from a secret cafe

tour details

The old quarter of Hanoi formed the core of the legendary “Hanoi of 36 guild streets” where goods and crafts were traded in specialized streets formed by traders and craftsmen from clans and villages all over the country. In the course of their migration to the city they brought along their culture, habits and local delicacies that were gradually adopted in the Hanoians’ way of life. So, it is here that the street food scene is overwhelming and should not be missed during your journey of life time to Vietnam as a whole and to Hanoi in particular. This street food tour offers a fresh, fast, cheap and a great way to crack into the local scene. Start in the late afternoon, it’s perfect timing to source the best street eats from markets, food carts, street cafes and other hard-to-find-but-totally-worth-the-effort secret spots.

tour description

Start walking down to Hang Than Street to view ceremonial cake stalls and taste a special French influenced dessert. An explanation on traditions and food gifts for celebrations will be given. Continue strolling through the streets of the Old Quarter to Dong Xuan market to witness the liveliness of the food market when housewives are rushing for ingredients for their dinner table. Sample some local treats such as che and cha com. Continue through the old quarter’s narrow streets as your guide points out a range of tasty noodles, breads and snacks. At night the sidewalks are packed with locals perched on stools, amongst sizzling woks and bubbling pots. Stroll up ‘food alley’ to see other dishes on offer. Stop and have a bowl of Pho Ga before walking towards the street where the exiting world of confectionaries and sweets are on display. End the night at one of the oldest café shops in Hanoi, for a cup of egg coffee the recipe of which dates back to the colonial time when Mr. Giang, the first owner of the shop, was working as bar tender at Metropole Hotel.


  • Street food as mentioned
  • Transportation in A/C local taxi where needed
  • English-speaking local tour guide


  • Surcharges for other language guides
  • Surcharges for Lunar New Year (TET) holiday

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