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Folklore Dance Lessons With a Local Village Dancing Teacher

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Tour Period: 1.5 hours

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It’s time to bring out the moves in you! Meet your dance guru for the day – Miss Sachini, a traditional folklore dancing teacher from a village School. Folklore dancing is of significance to Sri Lankan “Sinhala” Culture which has a profound connection to Buddhism and Society. The origin of folklore dancing goes way back in time to the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. According to historical records, the tribal people – Yakkas were fond of Music and Dance. It’s a combination of graceful to vigorous body movements swaying in complex rhythms of the thumping drum beat.

Why choose this tour?

The opportunity to get exposed to a different region in Habarana where many would not know the existence of these local village schools/ lessons nor the communities. A teacher’s contribution, especially in a rustic region is a valuable service to the community considering the conditions of infrastructure and the economic status, which often goes unnoticed. This experience showcases how villagers make use of their talent and knowledge in Aesthetics to make a profession, and that too, a worthy service in passing knowledge to children in the village.

tour description

Visiting a typical village teacher to learn Sri Lankan originated traditional dance moves. You will have a chance to learn the distinctive features of local dance culture and rhythm (Kandyan dancing - “Vannama” folklore dancing) as well as interact with a local who contributes to the betterment of community children through her teaching.

customise the tour

We can arrange for an extended visit to a pottery village to see the traditional method of how clay pots used for cooking are made or a visit to a blacksmith who will make sickle which is used to harvest rice.

Tour code: PR1635

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