Ethical Elephant Experience in Khao Sok

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Morning / Afternoon

tour highlights

  • Meet the Family that is taking care of Somboon at the Sonchana Farm
  • Prepare Somboon's lunch, consisting of fruits, vegetables and handmade sticky rice medicine pies
  • Bathe Somboon by taking him to the Mud Spa and scrubbing him down with an organically made coconut elephant loofah
  • Plant a sugar cane for Somboon and his elephant friends to eat in the future

tour details

The first ethical, community-based Khao Sok Elephant Experience where you get to feed and bathe Somboon the elephant!. Somboon was rescued from a trekking camp, where he worked long days carrying tourists in harsh conditions. Now Somboon is the star of The Khao Sok Elephant Experience where he is lovingly tended by guests under the tutelage of a mahout (elephant trainer).

tour description

Including return transfers from your Khao Sok accommodation this half-day experience is ideal for those who wish to learn about the Elephant's story and interact with him on a more personal level.. By participating in this program you are helping to send a clear message to local tour operators that these majestic creatures must not be exploited. You will spend three-hours with Somboon.
Tour code: URTKLELE

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