Eating Asia Heritage Walk

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Morning

5 hours    English    Penang

tour highlights

  • Chowrasta Market
  • Campbell Street Wet Market
  • Khoo Kongsi
  • Kapitan Kling Mosque
  • Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
  • Goddess of Mercy Temple

tour details

Explore the enchanting and historic Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site as you embark on your special ‘Eating Asia – Heritage Walk’. After breakfast, you’ll experience the historic & vibrant Georgetown before heading to Chowrasta Market. Next you’ll visit Penang’s must-visit shopping spree haven, Campbell Street. Along the way, you’ll visit Campbell Street Wet Market, the oldest market in Georgetown. Next you’ll stop at the Khoo Kongsi Clan House before making your way to the Kapitan Kling Mosque. After a delicious roti canai brunch, you’ll stroll to the Dravidian-style Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. Your walking tour concludes with a visit to the Goddess of Mercy Temple, a temple honoring Kuan Yin, and built in the 1800s by Chinese settlers of the Hokkien & Cantonese communities.

tour description

Proceed to Unesco World Heritage of "Georgetown" from hotel for your special "EATING ASIA - Heritage Walk". Experience the historical and vibrant of "Georgetown" after breakfast at the hotel and head to Chowrasta Market ("Four Cross Road in Urdu) to experience the lively roadside trading of livestocks, vegetables and fruits. This followed by enjoying the crumptious toast bread where charcoal is conventionally used to toast and boil water.
A must-visit shopping spree haven, Campbell Street or formerly named "Sin Kay" by the Chinese in the 19th century is one of Penang's notable precincts where you will enjoy great bargains and varieties of retail shops, boutiques and restaurants.
Treat yourself with "yu char kuih" (Doug-fritters) at Campbell Street Wet Market, probably the oldest existing market in Georgetown built around 1900, a reminiscent of late Victorian with ornate cast iron columns and brackets.
Additionally, feast your taste-buds with those appetizing dim sum varies from succulent steamed pork spareribs and "char siu bao" (steamed buns with roast pork) to mouth-watering shrimp dumplings with the translucent skin or better known as "har gao".
Next visit is to the Khoo Kongsi the Clan House building features a magnificent hall embellished with intricate carvings and wood work.
Visit to the well-known Kapitan Kling Mosque, a dome-shaped minaret named after the Indian Muslim merchant, shortly before enjoying our Indian Muslim traditional pancake known as roti canai (made of dough with egg). Roti canai for brunch. One requires a skillful hand-flipped dough technique to produce a very thin and flat roti canai.
Take a stroll to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, a Dravidian-style temple, which sports a sculptured tower or Gopuram, covered in brightly painted statues of gods and goddesses.
Your walking tour continues with a visit the Goddess of Mercy Temple, a temple honoring Kuan Yin built in the 1800s by early Chinese settlers of the Hokkien and Cantonese communities. The temple was originally named Kong Hock Keong temple (Cantonese-Hokkien Temple).
After those visits, your appetite should have been stirred up by then. Indulge yourself with banana leaf rice at nearby Banana Leaf Restaurant and quenched your thirst with a glass of "pulled" tea (teh tarik).


  • Transfer to/from hotel included : Yes, one way from hotel to starting point
  • Meal included : Food & beverages introduced as part of the dining experience
Tour code: EXPHEAHB

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