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Just across the Chao Phraya River, a short hop from busy Sukhumvit, is an extraordinary place known to the locals as Bang Kra Jao. This amazing wilderness in Bangkok can only be reached by boat as no bridges span this part of the river, and incredibly it has been left untouched by developers. Crossing the river is like taking a journey back in time. You will find a peaceful place with lush vegetation, a maze of waterways, small villages, temples and real tropical jungle. If it wasn't for Bangkok's skyline, you would never believe you were so close to the city. And, there is no traffic!
This is a 25-km ride in total. The ride starts on Sukhumvit Road and there is a short section in the city before cross the river then ride through the local communities, temples and schools. Continue on to a delightful floating market (open weekends only) and have a snack break at a river pier across from Thailand's naval academy. Next visit a fascinating temple, built in the Ayutthaya period, that is more than 250 years old. It has a unique roof made of teak wood and windows and shutters are painted in ancient Mon-style, and the grand Buddha image was brought to the site by the Mons. We then cycle on to the relaxing Sri Narkon Park and feed the fish in the pavilion that was built for Princess Sirinthorn's visit.


Meals included: Water, soft drinks and snacks are all included


    Meals included: None


      Note: There is no vehicle support on this ride.
        Tour code: BKKSRJTT

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