A Day at Elephants World: Group Experience

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day tour

Tour Level: Moderate

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: All day

tour highlights

  • Visit a sanctuary for captive elephants
  • Learn how to plant and gather crops
  • Prepare food for the elephants and help feed them
  • Enjoy a local lunch while at the sanctuary
  • Play with elephants while you bathe them in the river

tour details

Elephant’s World is a non-profit-organisation in Kanchanaburi province that serves as a ‘retirement home’ for some of Thailand’s working elephants. The foundation takes care of old and sick elephants, and attempts to rescue young elephants before they enter a life of begging on streets or working in circuses. Here you’ll be able to see the symbol of Thailand as it enjoys a peaceful life in natural surroundings. You’ll participate in their everyday routine and help take care of these gentle giants. While each day is different, depending on the needs of the elephants, you’ll be involved in helping prepare food for them, feeding them, and planting and gathering crops. You’ll also take the elephants to the river and enjoy a swim with them as you help them bathe and scrub them clean.

tour description

Elephant's World is a non-profit-organization in Kanchanaburi province that functions as a "retirement home" for elephants that have been working for humans before - either in the logging industry or entertaining tourists at camps and circuses or begging in the streets of the big cities. The foundation takes care of old and sick elephants, and also attempts to rescue young elephants before they enter a life of begging on streets or working in circuses. Elephant's World gives the symbol of Thailand a peaceful life in a natural surrounding, preparing food for their elephants, feeding them, washing them - and you can be a part of it! Every day is different at Elephants World, depending on the needs of the elephants! General activities are: Feeding the elephants Planting/gathering crops Preparing special food for old elephants Enjoy a swim with the elephants / scrub them Sample itinerary (order of activities subject to change according to the season and elephant's needs): 07:00hrs Transfer from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi 10:00hrs Arrive at Elephant's World, meet & feed the elephants 10:30hrs Observe the elephant's bathing 11.00hrs Clean fruit/vegetables, prepare and cook sticky rice for the old elephants 12.00hrs Lunch 13.00hrs Gather or plant food for the elephants, such as banana trees, sugar cane, grass 14:30hrs Feed sticky rice balls to the old elephants 15:00hrs Take the elephants to the river for a bath and scrub them clean 15:30hrs Feed the elephants fruit and vegetables 16:00hrs Say good-bye to the elephants. Return transfer Bangkok 19:00hrs Arrive in Bangkok and transfer to your hotel


Transfer included: Yes
Meals included: Lunch


    Note: Transfers to/from Kanchanaburi are available on joint and private basis. Activities at Elephants World are on joint basis only. Please bring a change of clothes (you will get dirty/wet), sunscreen, hat, camera, mosquito repellant. You may also consider buying a bunch of yellow bananas at one of the road stalls along the way to the camp
    • you will make new friends!
    Tour code: BKKDBELEJT

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