1-Day Yee Peng Lantern Festival

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Tour Level: Relaxed / Easy

Tour Comfort: Standard

Tour Period: Evening

5.5 hours    English    Chiang Mai

tour highlights

  • Experience Thailand's magical Loy Krathong Festival in charming Chiang Mai
  • Discover Northern Thailand's Lanna culture and unique Yee Peng Festival held during the same time during a special evening celebration at Horizon Village & Resort
  • Float traditional krathong at the resort's botanic garden pier
  • Release glowing paper lanterns into the night sky
  • Enjoy cultural Lanna performances amongst a picturesque market setting

tour details

One of Thailand’s most significant festivals, Loy Krathong, envelops revellers in beauty and wonder as intricately made banana leaf floats, called krathong, decorated with flowers, candles and incense float down the country’s waterways. In the northern hub and historic Lanna capital of Chiang Mai, the local Yee Peng Festival is also celebrated with the additions of tealight candles illuminating entrances and glowing paper lanterns, or khom loy, released into the dark nighttime sky. The glowing paper lanterns are thought to have been introduced to Chiang Mai in 1947 and have since been incorporated into local culture while other customs include colourful parades and traditional dance performances.
Experience it all conveniently in one special evening at Horizon Village and Resort including cultural performances, a vibrant dinner set amongst a traditional northern Thai market setting known as kad mua, lantern releases, a hot air balloon spectacle and more.

Why choose this tour?

A wonderful chance to witness one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand.

    tour description

    Arrive at the lush Horizon Village and Resort just outside Chiang Mai's city centre to watch traditional Thai-Lanna dance performances while dining on authentic Thai fare served in a local market setting known as kad mua.

    As night falls, have your camera ready to take pictures as hot air balloons rise into the sky for a synchronised performance to the music of Loy Krathong

    Receive a specially made krathong and head to the botanic garden's private pier to make a wish and set it afloat.

    20:00 hours
    Move to a special area of the resort's ground's to witness a parade of dancers carried in
    palanquins and watch how the iconic khom loy (lanterns) are released into the sky.

    20:45 hours
    Together, everyone will release their khom loy simultaneously for a spectacular effect followed by more enticing performances on the Lotus Stage.

    21:30 hours
    Experience the evening's finale before transferring back to the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre in town.

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    We have a wide range of hotels in Chiang Mai from resort style to boutique and all at outstanding value. Please ask our team for a quote so we can add you accommodation to this unique festival excursion.


      • Ceremony entrance fee
        **(Fee exempted for child who is under 8 years old; passport is required to be presented at registration)
      • Transportation from Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre to Horizon Village and Resort
      • Unlimited buffet of traditional cuisine and beverages in a Lanna-style market setting (excluding alcoholic beverages)
      • 1 paper lantern per person
      • 1 krathong per person
      • Botanic garden tram tour
      • Thai-Lanna performances, including the traditional candle dance, arm and sword with fire dance, and flower dance, and participating in various activities, in the ceremony area
      • Hot air balloon show set to Loy Krathong music
      • Travel insurance


      • Join in package price: THB 2,555

      • Event's schedule may subject to change
      • All tickets are non-refundable in all cases
      Tour code: EXCNYLFA

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