luxury tented camp to open on Lampi Marine National Park

Wa Ale Island Resort, a luxury tented camp in Lampi Marine National Park, Kawthaung, is set to open at the end of 2017. Located on a 9,000-acre island in in Kaw Thaung, the camp will offer 11 Luxury Tents and nine Treehouses. This part of the Myeik Archipelago is virtually untouched, secluded and also limited greatly on accommodation. The resort is 2-hour luxury boat ride from Kawthaung- and accessed by convenient flights from Yangon to Kawtaung.


With a wide array of activities such as diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, jungle hikes and kayaking, the resort is tailored to an ‘adventure enthusiast.’ There will be both a main restaurant and a more casual River Café, along with a spa, gym and scuba centre. There are two stunning beaches on the island: Turtle Beach, protected nesting area where sea turtles lay their eggs year round and where Wa Ale Island Resort is located on this beach, and Honeymoon Beach.


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