Branch Office Manager Siem Reap

Position Overview

Position: Branch Manager Siem Reap, Diethelm Travel (Cambodia)

Work type: Full time

Directly Reports: Manager Director, Diethelm Travel (Cambodia)

Location: Siem Reap


The purpose of this role is to add value to all aspects of the guest experience while travelling with Diethelm Travel (Cambodia). As the sole expat on location in Siem Reap the position will also include representing Diethelm Travel whenever the MD cannot be present.

For the position as Branch Manager the responsibilities are:

Office Manager

  • Responsible for motivating and handling 11 staff members
  • Feedback to the MD regarding all internal and external issues
  • Representing Diethelm Travel in all official duties
  • Key account manager for our VIP agent on the French market


Guest Relations Manager

  • First point of contact for all guest enquiries on location
  • Proactive contact with all VIP guests and groups
  • Establishment and control of airport rep
  • Monitoring of Diethelm extra service – i.e, kids bags, refill bottles, quality of transfers and welcome brochure.
  • Hands on handling of all emergencies


Product Manager

  • Responsible for development of new products in general
  • Monitoring of all new product developments in Cambodia
  • Close contact with existing suppliers
  • Ensuring Diethelm Travel has the best rates available
  • Point of contact for marketing department in Bangkok
  • Introduction of CSR initiatives
  • Development of MICE products
  • Be the point of contact for high maintenance travel enquiries – e.g., US travel advisors.


What you’re accountable for

  • Ensure and monitor guest satisfactory while travelling with Diethelm Travel.
  • Be an integral part of “the new Diethelm” and help project our core values at all times.
  • Track and maintain a detailed understanding of sales of DTC products by supplier, destinations and channel and report to the Managing Director DTC
  • Track overrides and implement actions when necessary to hit thresholds (including tactical offers)
  • Measure and communicate product performance both internally and externally
  • Monitor compliance with the Group product strategy
  • Take the lead on product innovation and operational development.
  • Support the Managing Director by analyzing current product and forecasting future trends
  • Represent Diethelm Travel in Siem Reap
  • Feedback to MD from the daily operations in Siem Reap
  • Monitoring and feedback to MD regarding staff productivity
  • Ensuring Diethelm Travel is considered fresh and innovative regarding product development


Adding value to the business

  • Excellent relationship building skills for new and existing suppliers
  • Exceptional communication skills both internally and externally
  • High levels of initiative
  • Superb organizational skills
  • Ability to work creatively towards deadlines
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Diethelm Travel customer needs
  • Working together at a local team and Group level
  • Expertise: Through product analysis and forecasting
  • Introduce and take the lead on Diethelm CSR projects
  • Develop Diethelm Go local products
  • Develop new family friendly products


Qualifications and experience

  • Applicants with experience in this or similar roles will be preferred
  • Fluent in English and French with excellent writing skills
  • Other languages a plus
  • You will ideally have substantial experience working in product in the travel industry
  • You must demonstrate strong commercial acumen and market knowledge


Other considerations

  • This position will require local and international travel
  • You must comply with Company policies and procedures including national work based legislation
  • This position will be reviewed on a regular basis and during your performance appraisal discussion. Any changes to this position must be authorized by your manager in conjunction with Human Resources. HR will keep job descriptions on file.