InterContinental Hotel Phnom Penh rebranding as The Great Duke Hotel


After 20 years of ownership and leadership in setting the standard for luxury hotels in Cambodia, Regency Company Limited has announced the countdown to setting the cutting-edge benchmark for premium luxury hospitality services in Phnom Penh, proudly announcing The Great Duke Hotel as it begins the takeover process of Intercontinental Phnom Penh.


The Great Duke Hotel is the first managed asset under the umbrella of Singapore-based Great Duke Hotels and Resorts. The newly set-up Great Duke Hotels and Resorts will further enhance its footprint with the opening of premium luxury hotels and resorts in Cambodia and the rest of Asia Pacific. The advanced phasing of the old and an enhanced re-branding of the new luxury property kicks off 1 February 2018.


During the coming year, advanced upgrading of guestrooms, restaurants, meetings rooms and public areas will be carried out ensuring minimum disruption to guests.


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