TreeHouse Villas

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Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

A TreeHouse Like No Other

Conceived as though by Nature’s own Architect, TreeHouse Villas is a new, visionary, adults only, luxury resort designed for guests with a love of the environment, the beauty of nature and a desire to rediscover their inner child Set Amongst the jungle’s canopy in a treetop location with unspoilt views to the sea and the ancient Jurassic massifs of Phang Nga Bay itself.

A Visionary Idea

The thing that distinguishes those who choose to visit TreeHouse Villas is their deep appreciation of the environment, of nature and the prospect of luxury in a secluded virgin space. They are driven by a sense of discovery and travelling the road less trodden. They choose to be a pathfinder and enjoy sharing their discovery with their friends and loved ones. Their sense of beauty, style and sophistication encapsulates their everyday life including the desire to contribute in some way to a sustainable future and carbon-free world.