The Palm Boutique Hotel & Residence

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Palm (Tnout) is a well-known natural tree recognized globally towards its vast benefits. According to its marvelous values, we have come up our gorgeous gigantic boutique styled hotel to fulfill your desire and preference while you visit in Phnom Penh city in our Kingdom of Wonder with a unique palm style design and decoration.

The Palm (Tnout) Boutique is standing in the middle for you with just an eight-minute walk to international biggest shopping mall in town, AEON, Restaurants, Pubs and also a five-minute drive by Remork to Russian Market (Tuoltompoung Market) or the Killing Field (Tuolsleng Museum). Simultaneously, to accomplish its mission to be one of the best Palm style boutique in town, it has been antiquely attached itself with an exquisite ancient copper curved decorations of an intimate and fashionable high service residency for all of its 35 rooms totally, providing you with a high perceptional and remembering concierge memory of its great fabulous serving hospitalities.

It is here to alternatively eased your fuzzy ways of a very independently convenient, even as couples and/or for your families, groups of individuals with a vast spacious, intuitive and affordable comfort rooms which are categorized in five boutique styles of a unique path providing you with all 24-hour-serives such as the top Terrace Restaurant with an enjoyable and beautiful swimming pool along with service of massage; all at once with just a finger touch on our spacious-comfortable lift.

The Palm Boutique Hotel & Residence is a addicted showcase of classical art and offering innovation an old life style experience in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.