Shanghai Mansion Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Like the elegant historic mansions that once lined the stately avenues of pre-war Shanghai, Shanghai Mansion Bangkok evokes the glamour, excitement and Oriental mystique that once drew hundreds of travelers to what was once Asia’s most cosmopolitan city. Our beautiful, custom-designed interiors offer romantic retreats of style and comfort that evoke an elegant mansion in 1930’s Shanghai… slinky silks, luxurious velvets, rich brocades, and Chinese antiques create a welcoming home where you can escape into a world of unrivalled Oriental style and glamour. We offer you the one-of-a-kind experience of re-living one of the most exotic eras of Asian history, combined with all the modern conveniences and latest technology of a city hotel. We welcome you with caring, personalized concierge service, delicious Chinese cuisine, our in-house spa, and modern amenities to recreate an elite way of living once enjoyed by prosperous Chinese noble families. We invite you to be our honoured guest in our noble home.

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